Virtique is transforming marketing and advertising through Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, E-Commerce and Geolocated Mapping to create superior digital content. Our platform allows businesses to create customized, user-friendly, immersive digital, and print-to-digital experiences for consumers and tourism. The service is offered on a Do It Yourself basis following simple steps with online assistance. Looking for a turnkey solution? You can hire a Virtique Professional to create your custom digital experience for a small incremental fee.

Virtique’s B2B2C solution is easily accessible both technically and financially and will stay in-step with innovation, with continuous introduction of new tools and services. Our solution includes:



Empowering retail with affordable smart technology, our 3D mission is Democratizing, Demystifying and Disrupting the mixed reality industry.

We make next generation technology accessible on a PaaS basis (platform as a service), allowing retailers to stay current with technology innovation, and to bring exciting shopping experiences to their customers.

Virtique adds a critical layer of intelligence to transform VR/AR and everyday tools into a state-of-the-art, agile, buyer-centric technology stack. 

We pool best in class API from proven technologies, traditional e-commerce tools, and our vast network of technology providers into a single proprietary platform with the highest quality of seamless integration, bringing additional insights to drive sales for retailers.

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We partner with some of the most innovative tech companies to leverage their services and access them via API at an enterprise level. We leverage data, communities, and connections to create invaluable digital content to create an enhanced buying experience for consumers.


Virtique is committed to creating a better world and a more sustainable retail eco-system;

  • COMMUNITY: Promoting local purchasing and delivery

  • SUSTAINABILITY: Reducing waste with VirtiqueIt “try before you buy” functionality ultimately reducing the carbon footprint

  • ACCESSIBILITY: Providing crucial visual aids to assist those with mobility issues, and content for those with food intolerances

10% of all profits will be reinvested to support local business and communities.


We enable businesses to create functional, interactive, and exciting digital experiences to see, try, and buy products, while providing visual tools for accessibility and mobility. Our geolocated mapping service promotes cross-marketing and allows consumers to jump from one digital experience to another. Join our community with more than 400 Virtique Virtual Experiences, which have been viewed by more than 1.2 million consumers.

You are our partners and together we are stronger!


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