FAQ's and important info

Frequently Asked Questions

1What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality is an interactive experience that enhances the real world with computer-generated perceptual information.  AR overlays digital content onto real-life environments and objects.  

2How will my customers access the AR experience?

Virtique's platform is WebAR. which means that you will be provided with a link, and a QR code which can be used to launch the experience on a smartphone, tablet, and in some cases, a computer.

3What do I need to use the service?

Virtique's platform is simple to use.  You will need a 2D image (.png or .jpeg) to view flat images such as art or even accessories.  For a 3D experience, a 3D model is required.  

4What if I don't have a 3D model?

If you do not have a 3D model of your product, try asking the manufacturer.  Many furniture companies have already created 3D models which may be available for free!  Alternatively, there are many sites where you can download free and paid for models which might suit your needs.  If not, contact us for a 3D modeling professional and we will get you in touch.  Prices start at €120 for simple models in up to 4  colors or textures.  

5How do I create the AR experience?

It's simple!  

There are 2 main options:    

  1. Managed Services: Just provide the asset (2D or 3D object) and Virtique will provide you with the WebAR link and a QR code typically within 24 hours.  

2. Self-Service: You will be given direct access to our Virtique Platform and a series of training videos to enable you to create any WebAR experience and the correlating QR code in minutes.  

Just sign up on our website!

6Which service should I choose?

Enterprise is fast and flexible: If you have a constant requirement to add and or update your WebAR experiences, you may want to choose the Enterprise self-service option.  Art galleries, furniture stores, material production such as marble or ceramics, wallcoverings, or even companies that sell accessories or eyeglasses.  

Just want the end result?  Although anyone who can upload or download a file can use the  self service option, you may wish to leave it to Virtique for creating your AR experiences.  In that case, choose from the Starter, Pro or Business Plans. 

7How long does it take to create a WebAR experience?

About 1 minute!  Watch the video below to see how fast you can create AR experiences.  

8Where can I see an example?

Click here to view a couch in your environment.  Select the fabric of your choice and click the SEE in AR button on the upper right corner.

There are more free samples on our free plan, so sign up now! 

To go back to our product page, click the button below.

Customization (Enterprise Plan Only)

1Can I add my logo?

Yes, with our Enterprise plan, you can customize the viewing experience by adding your logo or a custom background.

2What about connecting my social media?

You can easily create links to your social media accounts within the WebAR experience.  This way, your customer can not only try your product, but will have direct access to your social media accounts.

3Can I add e-commerce?

Absolutely!  You can add a buy now link that directs the customer to your website to purchase the item immediately! 

4What about music?

Yes, you can add that as well as an Mp3.

Tips for Maximum Visibility: Viewing and Sharing

1How can I view the Augmented Reality Experience?

You will be provided with a link, and a QR code.  The link may also be published on the Explore Virtique map, located on our website.

2How can I share the experience with clients and potential clients to get maximum visibilty?

There are so many ways to share your AR Experience.  See Marketing and Advertising Best Practices below for detailed tips.

WEBSITE: Add the link to your website so that people can try your products directly from your site!

MAILING LISTS: Send the link via email or WhatsApp to your contact list.

ONSITE: Place a QR code on your store window for easy "try from the window" experiences.

PRINTED MATERIALS: Place a QR code on any printed materials including advertising, brochures, business card and flyers, even shopping bags for maximum visibility.  

OUTDOOR:  Don't forget to include your QR code on billboards or sponsorship signs!  You can even order a UV and weather resistant sticker for your car or company vehicles.

MOBILE PHONE CASE:  Order QR code stickers from us and put them anywhere including the back of your mobile phone.

KEYCHAINS & GADGETS:  There's no better way to remind your customers to come back than a custom gadget.  Ask about our custom keychains with your QR code.


3How can I share my experience on social media?

Virtique is unable to predict the constant updates and changes to Social Media Platforms, although as of December 2024, most webAR experiences are working through Facebook and Instagram. Simply add the link on your post or in your bio.   

You may want to add a note that if the experience does not launch, copy and paste the link in your browser.

For posts where links are not allowed, add it to the comments section.

4Will the experience work on any mobile device?

Virtique is unable to predict the constant updates and changes to mobile device software, however, we pay particular attention to Android and iOs support.

In most cases, if the experience is not working it is due to the fact that the end user has not recently updated their mobile device.

Some lower quality or less expensive mobile devices do not support WebAR. 


Marketing and Advertising Best Practices

1Remote Viewing: Put it on your website!

The best way to get more customers to enjoy your AR experience is to make sure it's visible on your website.  Insert a "try now" button next to each product with the WebAR link, as well as a QR code so when viewed from a computer, the customer can easily scan the code with their mobile device. 

You can also add the link to any photograph to take website visitors to your AR experience.  

If you are unable to accomplish this, there are many YouTube videos which give you simple instructions on how to attack links on your website.  Do not believe a website technician if they tell you this is difficult or costly.  Call us for advice!

2Use the QR code!

Each WebAR link come with an associated QR code. You can also request a customized QR code with a landing page or digital downloadable business card to hosts multiple links, your contact details and social media links.  That means if you decide to update or add a new AR experience, it can be accomplished without reprinting already issued materials such as brochures or business cards. 

You can also customize your Virtique QR code with your logo and choose from a combination of colors and shapes.

3Put the QR on your business window: Let customers take your business with them!

Using the Virtique provided QR code is an essential part of marketing your business.  It can be used on any printed material to allow a user to try your products in AR  with a mobile device.  

Place a QR code on your store window for easy "scan to try on".  Maybe there are too many people in your store, maybe the potential customer doesn't want to touch an item,  or your are closed for lunch or the day.  Allow them to try your products and give them a reason to come back!

Imagine trying on a pair of glasses from the store window!  It gives your customer the instant gratification of trying your product without wasting the shop assistants time.

4Print your QR code: Find out how to limit printed materials without sacrificing distribution!

Printing is an important part of marketing, but for the sake of the environment, we feel that printing should be limited and combined with the use of display stands. Print brochures and flyers, an allow clients to digitally try your products from the display instead of taking away a paper flyer which will likely end up in a nearby garbage can.   

Include your QR code on advertising in magazines, brochures, business card and flyers, even shopping bags for maximum visibility.  

5Outdoor Advertising: Make it fun and interactive!

Don't forget to include your QR code on billboards or sponsorship signs!  Turn a static outdoor sign into an immersive experience.  

You can even order a UV and weather resistant sticker for your car or company vehicles.

687% Increase Memorability of Advertising

Our Augmented Reality service will truly impress  potential customers and is 87% more memorable than static publicity.  Imagine an outdoor advertisement for an item in your store, such as furniture, materials or glasses, and allow a scan to try on experience straight from your advertisment! 

7Wear it: Put your QR code on the back of your mobile phone, your car, or a even a T-shirt!

Order QR code stickers from us and put them anywhere including the back of your mobile phone or even on your car!  Order our UV and water resistant stickers in any size!


8Gift it: Get a gadget with with your QR code!

There's no better way to remind your customers about your products than a gadget.  Ask about our custom keychains with your QR code or create your own.  Baseball hats, t-shirts, or any corporate gift will constantly remind your customers about your product..