Augmented Reality

try before you buy!

Augmented Reality

try before you buy

Try products anywhere, anytime with Augmented Reality.  Whether it’s art, furniture, or accessories, increase buyer confidence and conversion rates with AR.  Accessible via link or QR code straight from a mobile device.

Instant customer gratification

Now your customers can try products anywhere at any time using Augmented Reality and only a smartphone or tablet! Try before buy increases buyer confidence and conversion rates. 

Automatically accessible via a link or QR code, Virtique AR experiences do not require the user to download an app, or install any software.  

AR satisfies customer demands and allows “try before you buy” experiences.  Try on a pair of glasses from a shop window, or try furniture or art in your own home with Augmented Reality!

What are the benefits?

Whether you are an artist, store owner or designer, augmented reality is proven to satisfy consumer demands.  

Augmented reality is the only way to visualize a specific product, true to size, anywhere.  Imagine trying on a pair of earrings or glasses by scanning a QR code from a shop window, or placing a piece of art or furniture at home, eliminating buyer doubt!  Most consumers can not image how something might look on and Augmented Reality allows them to actually see it.

Affordable for Small Businesses

powerful for large businesses

Now anyone can create amazing Augmented Reality experiences without any technical knowledge.  Starting at $7.99 per month, just choose a plan and upload your photo or 3D model to receive a link and correlated QR code in less than 48 hours. 


AR Basic Features

No code

Upload your photo or 3D model, and you will receive a link and QR code to launch the experience.

No App

80% of consumers abandon sites when asked to download an app.  The consumer does not have to download an application to view the experience!  

No software

Virtique’s proprietary platform creates WebAR links, which do not require a software download to create or enjoy.

Additional Features

True to size

Enable the consumer to view the product to size in their environment!

Buy Now

Turn browsers into buyers with an integrated buy now button.

Take a picture

Capture the experience with a snapshot of the product anywhere.

Add to website

Easy to insert link next to the product on your website.

Info Add-ins

Make more of an impact and insert a pre-AR experience message.

Share & View

Made easy via QR code & link. Place on the product or storefront! 

"… Over 1,000 new consumers, architects, clients and resellers have remotely visited the showroom.”

... 2008, people said, ‘... mobile apps are not going to take off’...and now you couldn’t imagine your life without... AR is like that. It will be that dramatic.”

Try before you Buy

What would this couch look like in your home? Just click to launch below and experience Augmented Reality!

Try a product in AR wherever you are!

What would this couch look like in your home? Find out now!  Just click the button below and experience Augmented Reality! 

Enhance the Experience

See. Try! Find. Buy.

Enhance the Experience

Combine our products to make the ultimate sales and marketing tool!

When you integrate e-commerce with our products below, you create the ultimate sales and marketing tool!

The virtual tour helps your potential client “see” your business.  Add augmented reality and they can “try” the products in their environment.  Putting yourself on the Geolocated Map allows customers to “find” your products or business. Then with a one-click-purchase, the client can easily “buy” online.  

Take your client down the sales funnel from the comfort of their own home! 

Real Estate Doll house

Virtual Reality

Visualize your space and allow consumers to enter your store and buy products.

Ecommerce 2


Turn browsers into buyers with a link on your map location to BUY NOW!



Get on the map! Direct consumers to your location on our interactive map.