Project Description

Meat lovers definitely have to go to La Griglia di Varrone to taste the best meats from all over the world. The restaurant is located in Pietrasanta, inside Corte Lotti, and is one of three in Italy.

The three key elements of this restaurant are the Grill, Oak and Fire. The Grill is the undisputed protagonist, fed by the precious wood of the Oak, which is the best for this type of cooking, and powered by the flames of the Fire.

The menu showcases global handpicked ingredients – each one has its own cooking time and space on the grill. Tending to each ingredient and its peculiarities is crucial.

La Griglia di Varrone’s menu is the fruit of meticulous research on all types of cattle breeds. It is tailor made by Massimo Minutelli, who has selected the best farms and importers.